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(Damn, practically all of Ling's blog entries are novel length. Don't write so much, Ling! -_-;;)


A while ago Sina had been having problems. I couldn't login when I wanted to update!! Being busy had also delayed the update to now....

Nowadays, Mr. Zhen and I have been preoccupied with networking with all kinds of record labels and potential investors. It's not for trying to get the band signed, but for another "big goal" I've long been considering. I hope China can finally have a true visual "genre", not just Silver Ash being the lone soldier in the cause. This is a wonderful wish and I have done a lot of hard work for it. However, the market right now is not doing well. So, the future is still full of obstacles, but this doesn't indicate that we won't ever succeed. I can only give myself encouragement.

Another thing, allow me to tell a touching story....

A while ago, I complained about the band's tight budget. It was an offhand comment from my end, but as a result... we actually received 1000 US dollars of donation from Canada. Because Mr. Zhen was in charge of such things, he came to discuss this with me. At first I didn't agree, but after communicating (with the donor) many times, I felt her sincerity. So, I ended up accepting this donation. Here, I give my wholehearted thanks to friend "Number Seven Somebody" (applause and flower)!!

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Note: I translated this entry last year for my Aural Candy blog. I duplicate the translation here. Ling wrote this on October 28, 2007.


I've been meaning to post this... but didn't realize the last entry on our band history was made three months ago. Many things have happened in these past three months; they have altered the course of my life completely.... So I haven't had the mood to write long and involved band history discussions.

The "Tower" tarot card (1) Xiaobai read for me on the train to Sichuan (2) had clearly been taking effect on my life... My entire second half of the year, family, life, and work had all reached their nadir. The traumas took place one after another.

I still insist on not believing in fate; I insist on believing that one can control one's own destiny. So, I told myself that the fate dictated by cards can be changed by one's own determination. But I had forgotten, no matter how hard I fought, I could only influence my own decisions. Sometimes, events and people are outside of your control, but the decisions and choices derived from them have profound impact on your life, your happiness, even your faith in humanity. Now... at the time my life is about to enter the next yearly cycle, I think of three months ago, when things had yet to come to pass. It's with hope, that I think back on the band's history. It's with hope, that I face my future. I now continue to write about that time, when my sole focus was on the band's future... when I was bursting with excitement and creativity for music.

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Haven't updated here in a while. Fall's here, a new life has begun~~

I won't talk about anything else this time; I'll get straight to the point:

Our drummer meta finally will begin giving drums lessons. Inquiry number: 13817841086, go if you want to learn drums!

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[Glazed Rose] Typhoon~B Minor [Xue]


Typhoon, typhoon, typhoon, typhoon, typhoon, typhoon, sleep, sleep, sleep

[picture of Xue taking a nap sitting in a chair]

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[picture of Pikachu]
Pikachu JrSuica Poster POCKET MONSTERS

Large Pikachu poster!!!! It's limited edition~~~~~~~ B3 (52cmX36cm). The dimension's really big!!!!!! But it seems this isn't sold in China, cry~~~~~~~~~

I've always loved Pikachu's eye expression, especially in this poster~~~~~ When I get a chance to go to Japan I'll definitely buy lots of Pocket Monster merchandise!! By the way, the blue water mouse in the show is really cute~~~~ I can't resist when I saw it~~~~

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The weather forecast says that a hurricane is coming today?? But there's still nothing now... the weather is still normal. I'm going to go buy something to eat later..

But recently, I've been eating too much. No no, I have to control myself a little..

Posting some photos of food that causes one to lose self control

[picture of sashimi]
I think fish is best eaten raw... of course

[pictures of food]

I still can't get over my love for high calorie food, what can I do..

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[picture of a doll]

The rainy days have lasted several days. But actually, I rather like this type of weather. Like a little psychological adjusting device, it makes people feel good.

I think a lot of people in China have a love for the term "visual kei" and at the same time misunderstands its meaning. A lot of bands in heavy makeup are lumped together with bands that aren't in heavy makeup as "visual kei". It's as if this is a music genre. How interesting.

I don't know if Mr. hide was the first to mention the term "Visual", but I think this term is used to mean a type of performance style. The actual music style can be anything (metal, pop, electronic, etc.). Like how Super Girls (1) can sing any style, this is just a general term.. It's rather meaningless to categorize music based on appearance. Not to mention that those who know me know that dyeing hair and makeup are my personal hobbies. It's been this way since middle school. It has nothing to do with Glazed Rose the band! Glazed Rose doesn't put on makeup because of visual kei, but because the band concept itself is to be beautiful.... and it expresses our idea of aestheticism. By integrating this with our music, we can achieve a better artistic effect.

Additionally, Glazed Rose has a few very heavy metal songs. There's no need to be perplexed. It's just an addtional layer of makeup. So, call us whatever you want. Visual kei, aesthetic rock, or just "band" is fine!

Looking back at the band's past three years of history, I realized that many events have occurred. I have no idea what happened to those people who had discussed their dreams with me back then (2). Can it be that some things are just talk? But everyone has his own ambitions, I can't force anything. I have never wrangled with those who don't understand or don't accept, or even viciously attack our type of band. Because getting into dispute like this is a wasteful use of energy.

Now, the band's energy and drive is very comforting to me. Everyone, do you best! This is how a rose blooms..

(1) If my memory serves me correctly since I was last in China, "Super Girls" is like the all-female version of "American Idols".

(2) He's talking about the ex-members, I believe.

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When I arrived at the rehearsal studio today, I first saw Dihua, who was in full makeup. He was smilely and energic!

But! He was the only one with any energy at today's rehearsal.. the other three were all sick~~ META's fever still hadn't gone down (still rehearsing despite being sick, so touched), Xiao had problems with his digestive system, Die had to come rehearse after many consecutive days of working, and I had been sleep deprived. In this atmosphere of illness, we finished rehearsing more than 10 songs~~ (However, the few melancholy songs seem to sound even better than normal. Maybe it's just me?)

After more than 2 hours of "sleep-inducing" rehearsal, the "invalids" went home to rest. Let the next rehearsal be full of energy!!

By the way: Die still had to go work after rehearsal! So careworn, everyone please ask after him!

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[Glazed Rose] Go away sunshine~~ [Xue]


These days Shanghai is once again full of sunshine~~ Annoying~~ Really annoying~~ The reason I don't like summer is because of the harsh sun! The rays don't feel warm and fuzzy at all... There's only a burning sensation. = = I didn't go to Tropical Storm (?) when Haixiao (Xiao) asked me last month because of this reason. But, the Earth's developing trend is longer summers, the temperature's getting higher and higher!! No~~

If I get baked under the sun for a long time, my temper will turn sour.... :( I have to go out shopping later, so so annoying!

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