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(Damn, practically all of Ling's blog entries are novel length. Don't write so much, Ling! -_-;;)


A while ago Sina had been having problems. I couldn't login when I wanted to update!! Being busy had also delayed the update to now....

Nowadays, Mr. Zhen and I have been preoccupied with networking with all kinds of record labels and potential investors. It's not for trying to get the band signed, but for another "big goal" I've long been considering. I hope China can finally have a true visual "genre", not just Silver Ash being the lone soldier in the cause. This is a wonderful wish and I have done a lot of hard work for it. However, the market right now is not doing well. So, the future is still full of obstacles, but this doesn't indicate that we won't ever succeed. I can only give myself encouragement.

Another thing, allow me to tell a touching story....

A while ago, I complained about the band's tight budget. It was an offhand comment from my end, but as a result... we actually received 1000 US dollars of donation from Canada. Because Mr. Zhen was in charge of such things, he came to discuss this with me. At first I didn't agree, but after communicating (with the donor) many times, I felt her sincerity. So, I ended up accepting this donation. Here, I give my wholehearted thanks to friend "Number Seven Somebody" (applause and flower)!!

We will use this money for the band's new costumes and photo shoots, and the next half year's performances. As for what exactly we use the money for, I will clearly inform "Number Seven". This money came from her hard work at her job, so we will definitely use it on what's appropriate.

To tell the truth, whenever the band reaches its nadir, whenever it encounters inconceivable difficulties - even those that came from within the band itself because of outside criticism - I have always felt exhausted. I want to give up, sometimes even the beating of my heart tires me out. The band hasn't been doing well in the recent years. As the band leader, I've done all I could think of trying to have a breakthrough, but haven't had any luck so far. This invariably causes me to feel defeated. I feel so tired and psychologically worn out. The outside pressure, the inside doubts, all make me felt terribly burdened. It is unbearable. But everytime I feel this way, a friend has always come through for me though encouragement and help. As a result, I haven't abandoned hope for the future and for myself. And everytime, the help that comes from friends or fans has become the ultimate force that supports us to continue on our path.

I remember the time Yue first joined the band. Because he was so "wasteful", the few decent guitars he owned had all been smashed or destroyed by him. He ended up with no decent instruments at all. Finally, Mr. Hong's friend lent him a YAMAHA921 and this particular instrument accompanied us on our tours until 2002!! Later, the next two guitars Yue used were all gifts from the fans to the band. The first came from the collective efforts of American fans. It then got "modified" by Yue many times. Even though during the modification periods, I felt so bad for the poor instrument, the end result with the guitar becoming an original wood color had an air of uniqueness all by itself. Now, the black guitar he uses often also comes from a friend. The two guitars that look similar in appearance but have different tonal qualities have both become Yue's trademark "weapons" on stage!! These are the most practical help to the band. We have always felt the utmost thankfulness and have never forgotten the kindness.

As for the 2004 tour, we especially relied on donation from American fans to successfully complete our nationwide performances. And at the station in Chengdu, Sichuan, the financial support we received from a local fan further helped us.

Even after so many years have passed, I remember every kindness like the ones mentioned above. Here, allow me to bow deeply to all who have been supporting and helping us. The thanks here is directed to every person who has come to see us perform, every person who has cheered for us, every person who has purchased our music, and even every person who has supported us silently. The strength of your kindness unendingly streams into my heart. It made me strong, not fearing current difficulties, skepticisms, and cold receptions.

On the other hand, there's the upcoming performance that I guess everyone already knows of!! As always, I will give my best!!

The poster is below. Everyone, please spread the news!!!!!!!!!

[picture of a poster advertising Silver Ash's performance on April 26, 2008]



为另一件我琢磨已久的“大事”……希望中国真正能出现视觉“系”,而不只是Silver Ash 孤军奋战,这是美好的愿望,我也在为此付出大量的工作和努力,但以现在这么不景气的市场来看,前途也是荆棘密布,但不是就永远不会成功,我只能自己先给自己鼓个劲加个油了…

记得想当初,小玥刚来乐队的时候,由于这小子太能“糟”,自己那几把像样的吉他砸得砸坏得坏了,最后连把像样的琴都没有,是虹先生的朋友把他自己的 YAMAHA921借给我们,这把琴跟随我们直至02年巡演结束!!而后来。小玥用的两把吉他更加都是歌迷捐赠给乐队的!!第一把是美国歌迷集资捐赠的,后来被这位大哥几次“改装”,虽然改装其间的状态令我心疼不已,但好在最后变成原木色的吉他反而别具一番风味…… 现在是用很多的黑色吉他也是朋友捐赠,两把看似一样但音色质感都不同的琴,成为小玥在台上表演的招牌型“利器”!!这些都是对乐队最实实在在的帮助,对于这些,乐队的大家都是一直怀着感恩之心从来不曾忘怀的……




Jun. 15th, 2008 04:44 pm (UTC)
i cant leave any comment either.. sigh


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